Camp SCRAP August Bundle - ON SALE NOW!

Camp SCRAP August Bundle - ON SALE NOW!

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$10 OFF! - NOW ONLY $15!

The Camp SCRAP Bundles feature all the fun, inspiration, and play of our Camp SCRAP activities – packaged nicely for you to explore reuse materials and create at home! We provide materials for a variety of fun creative reuse crafts, free creation materials, instructions and tips, and links to some of our videos for inspiration and ideas. We hope these creative reuse kits inspire you to get crafty and play with the unique materials found at SCRAP Creative Reuse. 

Show the world your creations and tag us @scrap_a2


Game Design (for more advanced/older campers – but materials will be common) 

  • Cardboard box piece or sturdy backing piece (something to be the game board) 
  • Corks, Plastic bits, craft bits (like bottle caps, wood bits, metal pieces, and old CDs) 
  • Mixed paper 
  • Markers for decorating 
  • (+Scissors, Glue, hot glue) 
  • SCRAP Designed Instructions/Guidance 

Reuse Journal/Zines (good to make so they can draw out their ideas and customize with stickers and collage materials) 

  • “How to Fold a 1 page zine” instructions
  • Paper, colored pencils (or other drawing/writing utensils) (+scissors) 
  • National Geographics/magazine 

 CD Craft Kits: CD Spinners, Weavings, and Bugs

  • Spinners: CDs, small plastic bottle caps, marbles, permanent markers (+ hot glue) 
  • Weavings: CDs, yarn, (optional: large embroidery needles) (+scissors) 
  • Bugs: CDs, Large caps, scissors, Sharpies, Large stickers, Fun paper, Large twist ties, etc.

100% Reuse Materials.